To exhibit avant-garde products in terms of design and technology, as well as skillful customer service reflecting the reliable go-to partner for their projects.


To relentlessly seek state of the art lighting solutions that offer creative, innovative and efficient proposals for interior and exterior illumination lighting.


Innovation, technical excellence and versatility, governed by a special feel for architecture and durability.


Spotlight is a lighting boutique and a design company for a range of the industry’s top innovators on today’s market. Seven years in the lighting business empowered us with the knowhow in providing excellent products and services, and assisting design professionals with their technical lighting projects.

The company is a collaboration with leading, specialized international lighting brands as well as lighting studios, architectural studios, interior designers and engineers who conceive light as an essential part of a whole.

A multidisciplinary team of engineers, lighting designers and entrepreneurs combine creativity, technical knowledge and culture diversity, and endorse a vision of lighting in architecture that is centered around quality, durability and efficiency. Through constant learning from the projects they take on, they have addressed the most challenging situations successfully.

We start by understanding and interpreting a project’s unique characteristics, and identifying its requirements and challenges.

We then add our experience, technical knowledge and touch to create value by proposing the optimal solution for a specific space and use, while offering top of the line optical quality, energy efficiency and simple lighting control.

We care that artificial lighting enhances architecture and spaces, ensuring that the people who live in a space or use it enjoy the light fully

We endorse an open-minded approach that complements a special vision on Lighting

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